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The Stalagmite Ambience Table Lamp from Sunfall Design is handcrafted with a solid walnut base, clear satin protective finish, and configurable acrylic light rods.  

A unique conversation piece to add ambient lighting to any space. Choose the perfect hue to suit your environment with millions of color combinations

Quickly choose between dozens of pre-set modes and brightness. From Warm White to Shifting Rainbow to Music Reactive Mode, this art piece is yours to play with. We encourage you to experiment!

(L) 6.5" x (W) 6.5" x (H) 11" 
What's in the box:
- Walnut Lamp Base
- 9 Acrylic Light Rods
- Power supply (110v US Standard Outlet)
- Dial: On/off, brightness.
- Button: cycle through scenes, which can be customized in the app.
- Smart Life app on IOS and Android: control from anywhere, create groups of devices, fine tuning scenes and colors. Integration with Amazon Alexa or other IoT services. 
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